The 1ct seat reservation!

Dear visitor:

  • Registrations with the European-Open-Poker-Championships (E-OPC) are free.
  • Players should always have an easy 2nd chance option to Qualify for the Semi-final!
  • The E-OPC management has done the following that concern keeping it Fun & Fair.

We agree:

  1. Players should have more than 1 Live-event-chance to Qualify for the E-OPC Semi-final!
  2. We have no casino license, “for this player initiative” but offer free 2nd chances weekly online!
  3. For this, we partnered up with a licensed Online-Sponsor for each individual Country!
  4. Players that lost unluckily or missed out for any reason, can now have multiple 2nd chances.


  1. You do need to make a Player-account reservation in the country you like to play for.
  2. Like this, E-OPC management has better control over age requirements and fraud/trolling.

Like this:

  1. The Sponsor is happy to have you join his site & you can claim and collect a bonus.
  2. With a minimum deposit of 10$, you now pay the $0,01ct for the requested Seat-reservation.
  3. Your own Real Money account balance is then established with $9.99 plus the bonus on offer.
  4. If you already had an account with this sponsor, you can make the pré seat reservation instantly.

This seems to be Fair & fun for players & our sponsor.

GL when you play.